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Process chains

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i scheduled a process chain that i created and the load is not complete yet, how wud i know if there are errors i am sure there r errors coz the same load takes 7 mins in a diff system. and this one takes forever (more than 24 hours)

how do i stop the process?

actually i created a info package and created a process chain n scheduled the load in teh proces chain. I didnt check if the info package really works so i need to stop the process chain go back and load data into info package and see if i get errors.

And why is that when i load data it shows 0 from 0 records??? i get this message in process chains and also in other loads that i do using infopackage. what am i doing wrong?

why do i get a message no data available?

This is the error message i get in process chains

No data available


The data request was a full update.

In this case, the corresponding table in the source system does not

contain any data.

System response

Info IDoc received with status 8.


Check the data basis in the source system.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Vijayanti,

Locate the InfoPackage and click on the Monitor view from the Infopack maintenance screen. You will be able to see if any requests are loaded at all from that Infopackage.

If you see a Green request with 0 records loaded, then it means there are no records in the source for the selections used (if any).

If the request is yellow, check if it is still running or if there are any short dumps (ST22) indicating any failures.



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Hi Vijayanti,

You can first check if there is any data to be loaded, or not. Youc an do this by running the InfoPackage alone, or doing an RSA3 in your source system.

In your process chain, right click the load process and display jobs and see if the job is still running.