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Process Chain Transport Error - with Planning Sequence

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I get an error while importing the process chain into production, suprisingly the issue did not come in quality.

1. The variants are global and not user specific

2. Process Chain schedule is set to immediate

3. Process chain is activated in development when collecting the transport.

4. The transport includes the process chain and the variants.

Start of the after-import method RS_RSPC_AFTER_IMPORT for object type(s) RSPC

Version 'M' of chain PC_MFP_ACTUALISE_20 was saved without checking Processes with Error Messages within the subchain PC_MFP_ACTUALISE_20:

Check results for process PLSEQ MFP_ACTUALIZE1_20 in chain PC_MFP_ACTUALISE_20:

Variable variant MFP_ACTUALISE1_20 does not exist for user BWREMOTE

Check results for process PLSEQ MFP_ACTUALIZE1_20 in chain PC_MFP_ACTUALISE_20:

You have not selected a variable variant

I did try to re-import the transport in production, just to double check, but it failed too. I can view the variant in the RSPLAN for the planning sequence.

If it was the issue with the USER BWREMOTE, I should have got an issue with authorisation of something, which I did not get.

However, when I try to ACTIVATE the processchain using the FM RSPC_CHAIN_ACTIVATE_REMOTE, it works and activates the PC.I would like to get to the bottom of this issue and thus need some help.

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Hi !

I have strictly the same issue...anyone has some insights ?