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Process Chain Subsequent ODS activation doesn't happen

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I have created a process chain that loads an ODS from an R/3 extraction. This ODS then subsequently should load 4 other ODSes. The initial ODS is loaded and activated. The 4 subsequent ODSes get the data loaded into 'new data' but the activation doesn't happen. The process chain doesn't fail, it just doesn't complete what I need it to do. In the process chain, after successful completion of the load to ODS1, I have the ODS activate. And then upon successful completion of ODS1 activation there is a 'further processing' step. Do I have to add another step that activates the 'further processing'? And if yes how is it done?

Let me add that when the InfoPackage is run outside of a process chain, the 4 subsequent ODSes get activated without issue. The setting for ODS1 is to 'update targets automatically'. And the setting on the 4 subsequent ODSes is to 'activate data automatically'.

The datamart InfoPackage being used to load and activate the subsequent ODSes says the data is loaded but still needs to be activated.

Thanks for any help,

Diane Merrill

Oak Ridge National Lab


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Diane Merrill,

There should be corresponding process for ODS activation in the process chain.

Check whether the process chain includes Activate ODS data for the subsequent ODS.

Hope this helps


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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This is the author Diane again. We are on 3.0b support package 22. Should I have to do anything additional or should these activate automatically like the settings in the ODS are set? This is one example and I'm going to have many where ODS-1 feeds multiple subsequent ODSes. I had a suggestion from OSS that I should create InfoPackages for the additional ODSes and not use the automatic. Does anyone have an opinion on this?



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Hello Diane

We also had this issue, but with an older version (30B patch 7, works OK w/ patch 14).

Anyway, to fix it:

- create a new variant (let's call it V1 as an example) for the SAP program RSODSACT1

- in your process chain, insert an ABAP call after the ODS load. Punch it RSODSACT1 as program and V1 for the variant

It worked for us

Good luck