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process chain problem

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I am running with issue with my process chain.I have created a simple PC to understand if it works or not .I am trying to load data from Flat file ( locted on client workstation) to cube .So i have created PC with delete index, load data,create Index ,DB statistics,delete overlapping request from the cube,roll up and collapse.

The cube is having the data already and having aggregate also.

But when I run the process chain to load the new data , I am getting the following error.

when I went to goto>>>Job overview>>>>execute I am having the following errror


ABAP run time error..."An SQL error occurs when activating native SQL"

and second is given below


Job or process BI_PROCESS_LOADING, waiting for event is unknown

Message no. RSPC002


Job BI_PROCESS_LOADING has been started because of event . This job is not, however, known in the active version of the process chain.

System response

The job has been terminated.


Pl tell me how can I rectify this error?If I load the data without PC its getting loaded easily.

Pl help


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Hello Krishna,

How r u ?

Loading Data in Background is not Possible if the file is in the client workstation. So place the file in the Application Server(Use the below option to find the path)

T.Code AL11 there u will find

DIR_HOME C:\usr\sap\BW9\DVEBMGS00\work

Best Regards....

Sankar Kumar

+91 98403 47141

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Thanks Srinivas,Pradeep and Shanker

One more and last question is when we create the PC , at the time of creaing every process its ask for variant.Whats that? why we need them?

also once we create the PC how can we schedule and release them .Is it from scheduler? Am I right?

Pl help

Thanks again


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Variants basically refers to storing the parameters of a process. BW uses the variant so that when it calls the program to execute the process in the Process Chain, it knows what information (parameters) to use.

Scheduling of the Process Chain is stored in the Start Process (1st process in the Process Chain). You can set up the schedule to be run at a specific time, periodically (daily, weekly, etc.), or schedule the Process Chain to be triggered by an event. Events can be set up through tcode SM62 and can be triggered be SM64. You can also programmatically trigger an event by creating an ABAP program that calls funtion module BP_EVENT_RAISE. Search this forum for "EVENT_RAISE" and you will find a lot of information.

Hope this helps.

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Process variant is nothin but the name of the process Within the process chain context, it displays the configuration of a process of a particular type set at the time of definition. A variant is only consistently defined together with the process type. A process can have various variants. With the load process for example, the name of the InfoPackage is the name of the process variant.

For more help go thru this help link..

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Hi Krishna,

You can Schedule the process chain when creating the Start Process and u can decide to run your chain at specific time or periodically daily/weekly/monlthly or can choose Immediate now option .

pls go thru the help link which i have given it will ans to all ur ques.

I hope ur prob has solved..

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Thanks Srinivas

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