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Process Chain - Master data Reorganizing and Realignment

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Hello Experts,

1) Could you provide me the best practice on using the Re-organizing the master data for Time independant and time dependant attributes/texts.

2) In addition to attribute change run for Master data attr/hier/texts, how significantly it would help by adding Re-organizing the master data process step to the master data load process chains ? Is it mandatory to have this step at all ?

3) Is it sufficient to run the realignment for attributes alone or you have to run it again after loading the hierarchies ?

4) Advice whether to add Re-organize master data step for every single attribute and texts since it cant be grouped like other process types such as attribute realignment run!

Look forward for your updates!

Thank you, Vijay

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please have allok at the following link:

Probably it is not mandatory but if your masterdata is a mess than it would be better on performance


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