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process chain error

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i'm running one process chain, while running process chain error has been occurred process chain stop the loading process. is there any process for continue the process chain if error occurred .

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Answers (4)

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Hi Subbu,

When your linking process types, you can use Always as show in above pic. if previous was fail or success, next step will run .

But first find out why that step was failed and rectify it. if that is info pack step,if your in BI 7.x, then skipping above step no use for you.

Please share the error details.


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Open the process chain in RSPC1. Goto edit mode.

Remove the earlier link between steps whereever required.

Insert the new link again between the steps. It will ask you options ::

If you select successfull, the next step will run only when 1st step is completed.

If you select errors, the next step will run only when 1st step fails.

If you select always, it will make the 2nd step run irrrespective of fact if 1st step is successfull or failed.

I think you need the 3rd option.



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Hi Subu,

Yes, you can continue to run the process chain even if one of the steps has failed. You can right click in the failed step and choose to "SKIP" the step.