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Process chain - After error ABAP - trigger a metachain start does not work.

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I have a process chain, where after an ABAP runs into red (ERROR MESSAGE triggered), another process type, like start a new meta-chain, or start an infopackage starts.... But is does not work. After i go to logs, it asks me whether i want to trigger the following jobs, if i choose yes, it works. But i need to start it automatically, when the ABAP Routine has an error message (RED) in the chain.

Any idea, because I tried to solve it all the day, but i did not manage to get itwork...

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try creating new ABAP process type in RSPC maintain process types. you can copy the default ABAP. in the new process type specify "process ends in successful or incorrect" for Possible Event and use this new type to run your abap. this should provide you feedback to do different activities for success and failure.