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Process Automation instance creation error on Trial


*** update *** I tried again this morning and the issue is solved

Hi community,

after the creation of the Subscription (plan free), I'm trying to create a new instance of SAP Build Process Automation on my Trial Account (in order to generate a service-key)

but I receive this error (I tried several times), am I doing something wrong?


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Hello Alessandro,

Ensure that your SAP Trial Account has the necessary permissions to create service instances. Your account should have the appropriate roles and authorizations to perform this action. You may need to contact your SAP administrator or support for assistance with account permissions.

Sometimes, temporary issues or server glitches can cause instance creation failures. Retry creating the service instance by following the same steps you initially used. If the issue persists, move on to the next steps.

Verify if the SAP Build Process Automation service is available in your trial region. Services may not be available in all regions or data centers, so make sure you are trying to create the instance in a region where the service is supported.