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Problems with Xpath

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Hi All,

i'm new in XI-Xpath, i read the main blogs here in SDN community but i still have some problems with my condition.

My scenario is the following, i have the following messagge and i need to send it to different systems according to the "sender" field

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





<MessageType MessageTypeCode=""/>






I need that the receveir is system A if the sender='a' and 'recipient='b', i can do it using the equal and AND condition but i need to use the EX operator (beacuse this is just a part of a bigger condition).

I tried with

(/p1:TrainRunningInformationMessage/MessageHeader/Sender = 'a' and /p1:TrainRunningInformationMessage/MessageHeader/Recipient = 'b' EX ) but it's not working, can anyone help me?

Thz a lot

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Answers (2)

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make this blog as your reference - /people/shabarish.vijayakumar/blog/2006/06/07/customise-your-xpath-expressions-in-receiver-determination

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a bit confused about your requirement...

/p1:TrainRunningInformationMessage/MessageHeader/Recipient = 'b' EX

You cannot have this need to define it separately if you want to check if Recipient = b and if Recipient node exists then use the EX function.....cannot be clubbed in the same line

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i forgot (), my condition is ((/p1:TrainRunningInformationMessage/MessageHeader/Sender = 'a' and /p1:TrainRunningInformationMessage/MessageHeader/Recipient = 'b' ) EX )

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can you tell me why for you have used EX and what is it supposed to do in your scenario.....

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I need the following:

if (sender = 'a' and receiver = 'b') or (sender = 'a1' and receiver = 'b1') the messagge has to be sent to system A

if (sender != 'a' or receiver != 'b') and (sender != 'a1' or receiver != 'b1') the messagge has to be sent to

system B

I'm able to create the first condition with standard condition editior functions but i cannot to do the second one so i want to use xpath expression.

thanks for the help

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if (sender != 'a' or receiver != 'b') and (sender != 'a1' or receiver != 'b1')

for this you need to refer the blog by deals with these conditions...

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Hi Aldo,

very easy.

Just use the first condition!

In your receiver determination you will see on the bottom a checkbox:

"If no Receiver is Found, Proceed as Follows"

Enter: "Select the Following Receiver"

Thats it.

Regards Mario

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I solved the problem, i wrote a / where it was not needed (before [).

I could not use "Error Messagge" in the case of "If no receiver is found Procedd as follows-->error messagge" because in the case that the first condition is not satisfied i need to send a messagge created by myself and not a standard one.

Thanks all of you for the support

Bye Aldo