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Problems with SDN RSS Feed - part 2

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Another issue I am facing with RSS feeds is related to Craig's weblog /people/sap.user72/blog/2004/09/08/bsp-howto-exploring-bsp-development-and-the-miniwas-620-part-2 during the execution of the method GET_SDN_WEBLOG_BY_URL. This method contains, based on Brian's corresponding forum the following code:

collection = document->get_elements_by_tag_name( name = 'item' ).

WHILE index < collection->get_length( ).

... write entries to intrenal table


However when I am calling using the RSS link the while command results in no entries reulting that no entries are being written to the internal table. I do not understand what the difference is with Brian's weblog since there this does not occur. The only difference is the RSS url. Has anyone faced this problem before and how do I solve it? Thanks, Tiest

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Sometimes one should sit down and carefully work through the code. The reason for this is that with time, things change. Usually in principle the code is correct, but an URL missing/changed, or the format of the document changed. So let us not hang onto a weblog at the bit level. Take the ideas written and run with them.

You seems to be struggling. That is good! Best way to learn. All we can (and must) do in this process is be a guiding light to you (official title for Craig). But here you must help us.

Step 1: write your test programs in SE38. This strips all the complexity of BSP, and gives you a simple environment to concentrate only on the HTTP communications.

Step 2: All the URLs you are using, also work in a browser. So if you write "the only difference is the RSS url", paste both URLs into the browser and see what is returned to you. This gives you already the answers to whether the URL is correct, what XML is returned, etc.

Step 3: Slowly build your program line for line (in SE38!). Each time when are struck, append the source until then, and we can look through it. The nice thing about SE38 source, we can paste it into our system, qucikly run it, and see exactly what you see!

So, no answer to your questions, but in the spirit of teaching and learning, a first step on the road to success.


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