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Problems with loading hierarchies

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we are in the situation, that ERP 2005 and BI run on the same instance - just on different clients.

When trying to load the costcenter hierarchy from the source system (3.x datasource and infopackage) into the masterdata table for hierarchies, the loading process

terminates: The log says, that records have been sent from the OLTP system (client), but they never arrive in the BW system (client).

There might be some hints in the log:

1) Idocs are in the ALE outbox of the OLTP system, but the ALE inbox of the OLTP-system is empty

2) A (red) error message which says, that I must not work in the <BW>-client.

What could be the bug? ALE-Customizing (WE20, WE21) has been checked.



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Answers (1)

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Normally this problem is caused is by two things:

1. The authorizations for the BW update User or the Source system extraction User is not correct.

Please make sure that your OLTP and BW system Have the following profiles in transaction SU01:

in your OLTP client the user ALEREMOTE should have following profiles: SAP_ALL and S_BI_WX_RFC AND it should be a dialog user.

In the BW client the user should have the profiles: SAP_ALL, S_BI_WHM_RFC and S_RS_ALL.

2. The connections between the BW client and the R/3 client are not configured correctly. Please check SM59