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Problems with Java Processes starting

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I performed a Java Add-In installation and originally had the java processes (jcontrol and jlaunch) running. When I now restart the instance these processes are not starting and I don't receive anything in either the dev_jcontrol, dev_dispatcher, dev_server0, and dev_sdm trace files. It is like the java instance isn't even attempting to start. I know this information is pretty vague but where do I begin to troubleshoot this type of problem?

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Hey Patrick,

Dont know if this would work or not. But just try it out.

Goto My Computer -> RIght click (Manage)

Browse to the services.

Check if the SAPDB: J2E service is started, If not start it manually.

The above could also be done from SAP Management Console, in it, go to your database, It maybe in offline mode.

Just click on Online and make it run.

After these steps, try starting the other services from SAP Management Console.

Hope it helps.



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I have determined the problem and I apologize for wasting your time. I found out that the following J2EE parameters were removed out of the instance profile:

#Properties for J2EE

exe/j2ee = $(DIR_INSTANCE)/j2ee/os_libs/jcontrol.exe

rdisp/j2ee_start_control = 1

rdisp/j2ee_start = 1

rdisp/j2ee_timeout = 600

rdisp/frfc_fallback = on

icm/HTTP/j2ee_0 = PREFIX=/,HOST=localhost,CONN=0-500,PORT=50000

jstartup/trimming_properties = off

jstartup/protocol = on

exe/jlaunch = $(DIR_INSTANCE)/j2ee/os_libs/jlaunch.exe

jstartup/vm/home = C:\j2sdk1.4.2_08



jstartup/instance_properties = $(INSTANCE_PROPERTIES);$(SDM_PROPERTIES)

Thanks for your help.

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Checkout dev_bootstrap, stderr* also. Generally if there

is something wrong with starting the jcontrol you should see all the parameters and exit code.

Atleast this is the starting point.

Hope this helps.


-Venkat Malempati