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Problems with data-source-alias

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i'm currently trying to get into dictionaries, but really got stuck. i have a quite simple application structure

a proxy bean which connects to the alias specified in the application and a servlet which in return interacts with the proxy.

thats what i have at hand:

-an dictionary which has been deployed

-an alias defined in the application

-a bean-module which references the alias as a resource-ref

-a bean which looks-up the alias

-a web-module which references the ejb

-a web module which looks up the ejb

if i run the application, what i get is the following error:

ResourceException in method ConnectionFactoryImpl.getConnection():

Cannot get connection. Reason: the thread of component "ejbContexts/" in application "" is currently associated with a restricted resource set and it is not allowed to get connection within it.

(i actually to get this error 3 times for 1 request)

any ideas? or hints ? i really think its a application-confiuration issue but i just can't figure it out!

(and thats driving me nuts after hours of remodelling,reconfiguring and crawling through forum-topics and the developer-help)



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Patrick,

The error says that you're trying to get Connection in a bean method in which you don't have resource manager access. That could be e.g. setEntityContext, setSessionContext, ejbCreate of a stateless session bean, etc. Check chapters 7.6.1, 7.8.2, 10.5.5 of the EJB 2.0 spec.

Hope this helps,


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hi vladimir,

thanks for the hint, that was the solution!


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What did you change to get it working. I have a similar problem!

Thanks in advance.

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