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Problems while configuring Solution Manager

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We are facing some problems while configuring Service Desk and Solution Monitoring in solution manager.

1.After followed the configuration guide to setup service desk we are not able to see the link "Create Support Message" under the HELP menu in the satellite systems where as we see it in SOLMAN system.

Our systems are at the following versions.

R/3 4.6C

BIW 3.0b

Instead of "create support message" we are seing a link by

name "feedback" in Help menu.On click we are getting the same dialogue we get when we click "create support messaqe" in solman.

But when we post message through that link.

first we are getting the following error message

Error in local message system: timeout during allocate / CPI-C error CM_RESOURCE_ Message was not created"

if we try for the second time the following error message is coming..

Error in local message system: You do not have authorization to create a notifica Message was not created.

Procedure I followed..


Through DSWP transaction after selecting the landscape I went through edit->create business partner->

from here I selected the system.After providing necessary credentials it showed the list of users registered in it.

<b>(which is incomplete ??)</b>

I have selected every user and pressed the button create

(create business partners).

Then I went to transaction IB52.

Afterselecting the Installation base as 1.

I have selected IBASE then goto->partner

There I have selected the business partner(the newly created one) and assigned him with the function "user".

This process needs to be validated.


2.In the configuration guide it was mentioned that every user who should be able to post messages to solman from satellite system should be assigned with the role SAP_SOL_SERVTRANS_CREATE.

But I could not find this role nor the profile S_RFC_VERS.

Not only this role but any role which I am supposed to give to the users whoom are to be used when accessing the satellite system from solman for various activities that are to be done.

Help is very much appriciated.

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (5)

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Assign the role sap_suppdesk_create for the user

you are using to connect to SOLMAN.

In satellite system

go to SM59 ->open the RFC SM_<SID>CLNT<CLIENT>_BACK which is generated while configuring systems.For the user you have mentioned there you need to assign this role.

In the solman system

generate the profile before assigning to the user.

I suggest you do not generate the profile for SAP given role instead copy the role to another role and generate profile for that one and assign it...


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The error message has indicated obviously that the user has no authorization to create messages. Check the profile of the user for "Authorization Check for RFC Access". The user must have the authorization to run RFC function.

Another reason might be the absence of the role SAP_SOL_SERVTRANS_CREATE, which is not delivered by SolMan. You must add it manually. See SAP note: 653454.



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Thanks for the advise

Can you tell me how i can maintain the users organizational level data (Message->Transactional Data->Organizaion)

kindly provide the step

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Under Help you will find FEEDBACK.This is the one you have to use.This gives you the same dialogue.



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I need to know how i am able to configure the support units, and can i get some configuration material on CRM

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The Problem came to me as I couldnot activate the

required BC sets.if we apply some more plugins after

installation we need to activate some more BC sets.

Pl. do the BC activation in expert mode in select

overwrite what is existing.

Then see that the user you are using to connect

the solman is having SAP_SUPPDESK_CREATE role assigned.

And coming to bussiness partners we need to remove the

condition at Date selection which I havent recognized.

If you cannot resolve your issue with the above data pl. post again.

I suggest you to only follow IMG


Do all the basic settings your system should be up and running..



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I am working on your recomendation .I need to know are you able to get the option "Help-> Create Support Message" in you 4.6c system

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I am facing the similar problem.But the greater delima with me is that i dont have the comfiguration guide to support desk can any on eplease email that to me