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Problems in Extraction of CRM data to BW

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Hi Gurus,

I am new to BW and I have a doubt,is it possible to extract realtime data from CRM to BW after the next minute of the insertion of data in CRM If not what will be the time duration between the data entry in CRM and to extract that data to BW. Lets say endusers have created BP/Activity in CRM at 5pm and I need to pull deltas to BW at 5:02 pm as they want report on it at 5:15pm is it possible if not what will be the gap between the realtime data entry and extraction of that data to BW. Would anyone please explain me in detail. I appreciate it in advance.

Thanks a lot



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Answers (4)

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Hi ,

For CRM data u can pull the data whenever u want there is no specific time period like COPA and FI.

So u just schedule the infopackage whenevr you want.



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Real time reporting in BW is available as of BI7.0... till then you could use events to trigger the data flow.

Create an event...

when the transaction is completed , enhance it to call this event which in turn calls the datasource and then the data load will happen.

Or find out which table has the necessary data and have a daemon like program to keep looking into this tale for changes and when a change happens , call the datasource or event and get the extraction done.

My 0.02


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Not sure which datasources you are talking about.

If you are using any standard datasource and which is delta enabled and assuming you have done init delta , and RSA7 delta queue gets populated as soon as there are changes done to BP/Activity in CRM.

You might want to schedule your infopackage for every 30 mins for delta and pull delta records from you would have latest data always.


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