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Problems displaying BO reports in an iframe in Firefox

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I have an aspx page which has an iFrame. I have provided the src for this iFrame as the BO report. When I open this page in IE, the report comes up properly. However when I open this page in Firefox, the report does not display. However if I open this URL directly in Firefox (paste the URL in the address bar), the report comes up correctly. I checked the HTML code that is generated at runtime for both the iFrame and directly on the firefox and found out that the styles that were used to display the report in iFrame was different than when used to display the report when opened directly in Firefox.

Any idea why the style was getting changed? Cause this is what is causing the reports from not being displayed in iFrames.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if your project's name is businessobjects.

first, modify the file


find the following mothod,modify the content

function findElementHelper(frame, Id) {

// frames with certain plugins (word, excel) will cause a js error because the frame document doesn't exist

if ((typeof(frame.document)).toLowerCase() == "unknown") return null;

var f = null;

try {

f = frame.document.getElementById(Id);

} catch(ex) {

// Ignore this frame if we can't access it. NS will return "Permission denied to get property

// HTMLDocument.getElementById" on some frames (eg: external hyperlink page)


if (f != null) return f;

for (var i = 0; i < frame.length; i++) {

f = findElementHelper(frame.frames<i>, Id);

if (f != null) return f;


return null;


second,modify the file


find the mothod 'function canGoEdit()',modify the content


var isAppsFrame=(myframe.thisIsAnAppsFrame && myframe.thisIsAnAppsFrame=="wishYouAreHere")?true:false;


var isAppsFrame = true;


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