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Problem : XI server is getting restarted automatically after 2 -3 hours

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Hi All,

We are facing problem that XI server is getting restarted automatically.

And after getting XI server up everytime, SAP -XI JDBC adapter service is getting stopped.

Now , we are manaully starting SAP -XI JDBC adapter server using Visual Admin.

for more information we have configured file to JDBC scenario in our XI server.

Is there any problem with the JDBC adapter configuration which is making our XI server restart automatically and SAP -XI

JDBC service getting stopped.

We are wondering that is it the problem with

1) JDBC adapter configuration.

2) SAP -XI JDBC service configuration

3) is it some server parameter which is making server restart automatically like timeout parameter.

Where exactly we need to look for this and solve the issue.

Please give some hint or solution !



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ashwin

It might be dut to JVM-out of memory error. They might have done the settings in the JVM i.e it will restart the JVm when out of memory. So please check this


By default AUTO_START of the Service in JDBC server is set to restore, for a automatic restart it should be set to 1.

So Please check this.


Abhishek Mahajan

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Hi ,

Is your File to JDBC interface is running successfully for that 1 or 2 hours time ?

Please check wether you have deployed correct version of JDBC drivers on WebAS server.

Please check wether all the components in component monitoring of RWB is in green .



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Hi Kishore,

Thanks for replu

file to JDBC scenario is working fine within that period.

Also we are getting inserted data in our database successfully.