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Problem with XML import MDM 7.1 SP2 u2013 XSD.exe Issue

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We are upgrading MDM from 5.5 SP6 to 7.1 and currently we are in SP2 but will be upgrading to SP4 soon.

After upgrading to MDM 7.1 SP2, when we use the import Manager and try to import the XML file we got the following error message Can't open C:/Program files/SAP MDM 7.1/Import Manager/XSD.exe.

My question is this error is only with MDM 7.1 SP2?. In few days we will be upgrading to SP4. In SP4, this issue is still there?. If Yes, How to resolve this problem?.

Anyone can send me the XSD.exe file ?

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Hi Lamp,

According to the SAP Note: 1331426 - missing xsd.exe File, the error occurs due to missing xsd.exe file in the import manager executable.

This file doesn't come with the installation files and is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK (Software Development Kit) 2.0, which can be downloaded from the download center of the Micrsosoft website.


1. The xsd.exe file has to be downloaded from the Microsoft site:

2. The xsd.exe itself is only 76 KB in size, so you need to download only this single file instead of the whole 250(?) MB .NET SDK installation. Even if you download the .NET SDK, you don't have to install it. Just extract the .cab file (e.g. using WinZip), open it (again using WinZip), extract the file that starts with "xsd" to the Import Manager directory and rename it to "xsd.exe".

3. Execute it in the below path: C:\Program Files\SAP MDM 7.1\Import Manager

You need to do it for SP4 too.

I do have the file. Let me know where I should send it.



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Thanks to both of you. I got the XSD.exe and the problem resolved.