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Problem with Web Dispatcher and Short URLs

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Once we switched over to web dispatcher on NW04 SPS 14, we started having problems with portal redirects using short urls. Specifically when clicking on the breadcrumbs we get an action canceled error message once the short url is attempted to be resolved. Also in the UWL when in the uwl personalization page clicking on cancel or save brings up an error screen

400 Bad HTTP request 


Bad HTTP request

Error: -21 
Version: 6040 
Component: HTTP_PLG 
Date/Time: Tue Aug 22 09:45:40 2006  
Module: http_plg.c 
Line: 3954 
Server: **** 
Detail: Error in HTTP Request: 9 

But we found out that when logging into the app server directly everything worked perfectly. We also found <a href="">SAP Note 957373</a>. After reading that note, we turned off short URLs in the portal system administrator section and everything works as well.

That said, the optimal solution would be to be able to use short URLs with the web dispatcher. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there another way to "synchronize" the short urls as per note 957373?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To update an old post, after upgrading to NW04s SP10, we no longer have an issue with short urls.

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