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Problem with Web access

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I've installed ICM and setup the webfunctionality for a BW system. (SAP_BASIS 6.4 - Package 013)

Everything works, except voor a tiny detail.

If a user in BEx Web Application Designer starts a web preview the url comes out wrong.

example :

If you then change into the IP address + port defined in the instance profile everything work.

If I perform se37 => RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET I also get

But in the instance profile the right servername is set with icm/host_name_full.

I then debugged the program RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET. (I have little debug knowledge)

All the parameters are correct until the program calls for CL_HTTP_SERVER => IF_HTTP_SERVER~GET_LOCATION_EXCEPTION. You can see this through se24 and then CL_HTTP_SERVER.

So for a reason I don't know the program reads from a table I guess in this method, so that the values from the instance profile are discarded.

How can I proceed to fix this problem ?

Thank you in advance ! (I have been looking for this quite some time)


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We experienced the same problem (after a hardwaremigration).

after checking all the relevant profile parameters the functionmodule RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET did not give the expected result..

Checking on the table httpurlloc with transaction se16 only showed us 2 entries which seemed ok (generic entry).

But when we had a look via the sqlplus program on Oracle we discovered that there were far more entries in this table. We saw that there were entries with old hostnames in it. After deleting these entries it all worked as expected.

Hope this will help others

Best regards,

Sjoerd van Leersum


Geetruidenberg (The Netherlands)

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S. van Leersum

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Hi Van,

Thanks for taking time to share this .


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Welcome to SDN.

i guess the issue is with port.

can you check in SMICM->go to->services to see whether the port is setup or not.

i guess its not. set the port and things will be ok.



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Hi Raja,

yes the http and smtp port are up and running.

They are defined in the instance profile.

icm/server_port_0 PROT=HTTP,PORT=1080

Normally port should then also appear when you execute SE37 => RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET.

But is show a completey different value (port 80), and this is not defined in the instance profile. Everything goes fine until method cl_HTTP_server=>IF_HTTP_SERVER~GET_LOCATION_EXCEPTION is executed.

Hope this helps

ps: the web functionality works, but the wrong DNS name is used in the url.

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this function will return a different port. i dont know the reason why.

use FM


with protocol = 1

virt_idx = 0

local = 1 .

This will give the right info.



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Hello Raja,

I found the solution myself.

For some reason the program retrieved default address values from table HTTPURLLOC instead of the settings from the instance profile.

After editing these values everything is ok.

Thank you for your time and interest.