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Problem with WAD transports

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Hi there

We have a problem with transporting templates created in the WAD.

The transport goes through succesfully, but when I run the template(s) in PROD, the changes are not reflected.

If I open the template in the WAD in PROD, then I can see that the changed template is indeed in PROD, but executing it in the portal shows the old template.

We are seeing this problem now with templates, but noticed it about a week ago with reusable library items that weren't updating correctly in PROD. The way we resolved it on that occasion was with a server reboot (J2EE)

I am sure a Java restart will do the trick again this time, but we can't have a situation where we need to restart systems each time a transport is sent through ... that's ridiculous.

I imagine there is some sort of caching holding onto the old items, but I don't know where to look to clear that cache.

Please, can anyone provide some assistance on this?



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Hi Andrew,

i think that you will find the cache in 'RSRT' T Code.

and refresh will also help this problem.

If not then find the ABAP Program and regenerate it.

Hope this will solves your problem.