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problem with user mapping

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We got a problem with user-mapping to a SAP system.

We create a SAp system, and an alias to this system.

We add a user mapping for the administrator (user, not group). Check for connector is OK.

Now, we make the same user-mapping for a group.

if the user also belongs to the group "administrator" this mapping works, otherwise this fail with a message <b>" Got null system object for alias R3HR".

</b>After checking, there is no user-mapping for the "administrator" group, nor for the roles that belong to that group, nor for the user.

So, it seem that the alias is only visible for an admin.

does any one got an idea ? we are on SP14, Linux.


Guillaume PATRY

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Guillaume,

The user mapping is available for both Admin as well as end users.

Open your system from System Administration>System Configuration>System Landscape.

In the property editor,in dropdown for property category,

select the logon method as UID?password and User Mapping type to admin/user.

Then you can create a Group,map the system alias for this group and add users to this group.

Also,in the property editor for the system,from dropdown for display,select permissions , and add the group to asssigned permissions as READ ONLY and select the checkbox for ENDUSER.

Hope,this resolves your problem.



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