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Problem with synchronization conflict

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Hi all,

we are using MI 2.5 SP13 to run a client developped inventory application. We developed a syncbo representing a physicalinventory document using the following bapis:




The type of the syncbo is T01.

Downloading the syncbos to the mobile client is working fine. Modifying the syncbos is working as well, but when we want to synchronize the modified syncbos with MI server the troubles start:

We get a conflict saying the syncbo has been modified on the backend as well, and the client is updated with the data from the server. That means the modified data from the client is lost and the inventory document is not updated in the backend system.

When we redo the modification of the syncbo and redo the synchronization, everything is working fine.

Our questions are:

- why is there a conflict the first time?

- is there a way to find out which fields are causing the conflict?

Thanks for help,


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Hi Barbra,

You might be able to figure out whats happening using this code.

ErrorConflictInbox errorConflictInbox= SmartSyncRuntime.getInstance().getInboxNotifier().getErrorConflictInbox();

//For all the synbos.

MeIterator it;

try {

it = errorConflictInbox.getAllSyncBoResponses();


SyncBoResponse resp = (SyncBoResponse);


} catch (PersistenceException e) {


} catch (SmartSyncException e) {



You can then use the SyncBooResponse to get the Error/Conflict Text message from the server (<b>resp.getText()</b>) or the message Number (<b>resp.getMessageNumber(</b>))

Hope this helps,


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