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Problem with standard distribution function

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The task is following:

There are three cubes - one with data to be distributed (non-transactional), one with reference data (non-transactional) and one where the distributed data should be written (transactional).

I am trying to use standard IP planning function Distribute with Reference Data to achieve the result. However when I put 0INFOPROV as a characteristic to be changed, I can select value for it only in block FROM and TO, and not in REFERENCE DATA SELECTION.

So to tell the system, taht reference data are located in third cube I have added new car which for the is always filled with constant in the reference cube (for every record).

But it seems that it does not help: When trying to execute, following error message appears: Cannot find reference data for sub-process 1 of the function

Anywone has ever customied standard function in a way that it is able to use data from three cubes? What do I do wrong?

Thanks in advance,


ps. I work with IP, but assume that BPS is very similar regarding stadard planning functions, so any suggestion is welcome.

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of course you can include 0infoprov into fields to be changed, but in your szenario it wouldn' make any sense.

if fox formulas you set values for 0infoprov by yourself, in distr. function you are telling the system: distribute origin field value for char xy according all posted values in certain reference records.

as 0infoprov is a technical infoobject and given the fact that your reference records are stored in cube 3 which is non transactional as well) -> to tell the function, that your reference records are stored in cube 3 you have to set 0infoprov as reference char.

if you can not copy all data before distribution (to be honest i don't see any reason why this shouldn't be possible) you could only ditribute the values using function of type fox or exit.

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Hi Marcin,

copy data that has to be distributed from your non-transactional cube to your plancube (0infoprov can not be field to be changed, as distribution by definition means "create reverse record and afterwards new ones. as IP/BPS can not write data to a non-transactional cube, you have to copy your data first)

create distribution function and put 0infoprov in referenca data section (restricted to your second infoprovider). create a planning sequence to run both funtions sequentially.

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Thanks for you answer.

However 0Infoprovider can be included in fields to be changed (I do it frequently in fox formulas), system creates delta records in RT cube w/o problems. Copying data between cubes is unfortunatelly not an option.