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Problem with scheduler task

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I have created own scheduler task. When first time I deployed application everything was ok(scheduler task worked fine). But when I changed implementation of my scheduler task class, and deployed par file, class loader still load old scheduler task class (not new class, where i did some changes). But when I restart server, everything is ok. (new scheduler task class is load). Could You tell me how to configure portalapp.xml and <project-name>.cc.xml to load new scheduler task class every time i deploy application?

Thanks in advance for any help in this regard.

Jakub Krecicki

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jakub,

this is a problem with different "solutions".

First, if you ask SAP, KM hot deployment is not supported. The problem is that a full KM instance normally is left within the memory when a new instance is starting. So hot deployment of KM components normally leads to OutOfMemoryExceptions after some deployments or other "undefined" behaviour.

Second, at least for not having to restart the server for each deployment, there are different possibilities (having 1. in mind...).

One is - and that is quite safe - to rename package or the class itself and to change this within the configuration. At least, less work then restarting the server.

Another is to use a special version of registering into the CrtClassloaderRegistry, see management/com/sapportals/wcm/crt/crtclassloaderregistry.html#addclassloader(java.lang.String,%20java.lang.ClassLoader) (i.e. to use an ID for registering the application classloader, so to overwrite an already existing one). People have reported problems using this, but sometimes it also works, may be SP dependent - just try it.

Hope it helps


PS: Please consider rewarding points for people helping - also see Thanks in advance!

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