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Problem with Round functionality Round(x,y)

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Dear all,

I have using Crystal Reports 2008 to create some reports with diagrams inside. The basis key figure are coming from a BI query, which I have opend directly in CR by using BO Integration Kit for SAP.

The reference data for the diagramm are coming from a query with 4 decimal place and for the diagram I have to round these KF to 2 decimal places. Due to the fact, that the decimal places have to been dynamically, I can not fix the decimal places in the Bex query. Therefore  I have to do this in CR via using the ROUND(x,y) formula.

For some values I receive other values than expected, e.g when on value 0,0348 the Round formula [Round(0,0348,2)] was applied with setting 2 as the parameter for decimal places, I would expect 0,03, but the formula gives 0,04 as result. the same for 0,0446, where I would expect 0,04 but get 0,05 as result.

How can I use the Round formula or any othe formula in order to get the expected value.

Any help would be great.

Best regards,

Stefan from Munich/Germany

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Stefan,

Use this fomula for the field you want to apply rounding.



First 1 is for Rounding

2nd 1 is for decimals.

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Hi Vissu,

When you use round({Field},1) and let's say the number is  0,0446, you'll get 0.0 as the output.

, what is the exact version of Crystal Reports 2008 (Go to Help > About and get the version number).

Could you try this simple formula and tell us the output you see:



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