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Problem with Report Designer (not getting updated from the query)

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1. We are having a peculiar problem with our Report Designer. We are on Support Pack 3 for the Front End.

2. We had built a report on a Query (ie., data provider) and now we have added a few more fields in the underlying query.

3. But when I go back to the Report Designer, and try to add these new fields, I dont see them on the left hand side under the 'Field Catalog'.

4. There is an option called "Check Data Provider.." in the report menu but its never active, even when I select the query (or the data provider).

5. We suspect that it might be an issue with the Support Pack?

Please advise.


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Try right clicking on the name of the query (the data provider in the report). Does the Check Data Provider come up there? It might still be grayed out under the Report drop down list

once you bring in the new components of the structure (or key figures), the will be listed in the Query Fields on the left - they will not automatically populate into the report.

Also, the report designer will make a copy of the original report and save it

I don't recall having that issue when being on the support pack 3 (6 is the latest for 7.1 GUI now)

let us know if that worked.