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Problem with reading data from textEdit (htmlB)

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Hi Guys,

I am not able to read text entered into the TextEdit box.

Here is the code which I am using.


TextEdit TE1 = (TextEdit) this.getComponentByName("TextEdit1");

strTE1 = TE1 .getText();


On the second line I get a null pointer exception.



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Answers (2)

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Hi try this one

TextEdit TE1 =(TextEdit)this.getComponentByName("TextEdit1");

textEdit =TE1.getValueAsDataType().toString();


Anto Lawrance

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your problem in fact is: You are not able to retrieve the TextEdit element. See: TE1.getText(); throws a NullPointerException, ie TE1 is null. So the getComponentByName call didn't return what you expected.

Check where you have put this code - within a onXXX method? At least, within a method called after JSP has been rendered?

If yes, check the ID of the TextEdit element ("TextEdit1") against the string you have used within your JSP.

Hope it helps