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problem with OVS search help

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i had developed a tabstrip in webdynpro abap . In one of the tabs i have some 10 input fields and 3 tables, Out of the 10 input fields 6 are having OVS search helps.

After i click on any OVS search help and get the value back to the screen , then the screen gets struck.

for some time and i cant edit any input fields or tables on the screen.

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Answers (2)

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> had developed a tabstrip in webdynpro abap

it may well be that your tabstrip is the issue...

on return from the OVS, the logic of all the components in the tab strip is called - even if the tab is not active. so if you have some complex logic in one of the tabs, the system could well be processing this - and hence taking a long time.

You could get around this by dynamically embedding views into your tab strip only when the tab is active. I'm pretty sure Thomas Jung wrote about this in one post on how to improve response time with multiple tabs. I think the same idea came up in some other posts too. Check - if you remove all the processing logic of the other tabs, is your response time better? If this is the case, then consider looking at building your application so that it only activates the view/logic of a tab when that tab is displayed.



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sorry if am unclear. The value is getting assinged back with out any problem.

After that the screen gets struck. I cant edit any other fields or the same field in which OVS is present.

Hope my question is clear.