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Problem with nth position

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Hi there,

I use the SAP field - LQUA.LENUM.

Example of the content in the detail section:




I want the result on my group section.

But when I try...

nthsmallest (1, {LQUA.LENUM}) - I get 1000003740

nthsmallest (2, {LQUA.LENUM}) - I also get 1000003740 (why)

or even...

nthlargest (1, {LQUA.LENUM}) - i get 100003953

nthlargest (2, {LQUA.LENUM}) - I also get 1000003953 (why)

I find it impossible to read out the 2nd LENUM (1000003741) - what am I doing wrong ?

If it doesnt work with the nth position - is there any other way to read the number out ?

Thank you so much


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I actually just found the solution

I used a running total


field to summarize LQUA.LENUM

type = minimum

evaluate = used the formular option LQUA.LENUM<>Minimum({LQUA.LENUM},...)

reset = by change of group

placed in group footer and checked a few data rows and it seems to be working