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Problem with my extraction

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1) Already one LO extraction say it for SD is up and running live with all the process chain and so.. If i get a requirement to add few more field to tis ... how will you do it with minimal impact on prod data which is already live

2) Alreday VAHDR is up and running live... how to active VAITM with minimal effect without impacting VAHDR..

My idea for this was create a replica of the same with additional field make already existing process chain inactive and make new one active and schedule it

If any better suggestion to approach this problem please let me know it. I am waiting for your response. Thanks in advance

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Hi Siva,

The normal way is we need to fill the setup table again after the enhancement of fields and then need to run the datasource to get the data in bw.

But there are other cases like you can do the enhancement and also you can create an custom extractor based on the Table/FM for the additional field added. Then you can map that custom ds also to the bw flow and map only the newly added fields. And this can b run once without a downtime so that all the values of the newly added field is update into bw.

Assumption is that you need to have DSO layer with overwrite mode. If its different then we might need to do selective deletion etc.

Let me know if you need more info.