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Problem with ME11/ME12 workflow

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We are using INFOTSATZ object for triggering worklfow for CREATE( ME11) and CHANGE( ME12) for Purchase info record through settings in SWEC.

Wheneven a new PIR is created for a Vendor/materail/PLANT/PORG, a record with "I" is inserted in CDHDR and corresponding details in CDPOS. The "CREATE" workflow gets triggered and this works fine when the PIR is created for a particular PLANT and PORG the first time.

Now for the same VENDOR/MATERIAL, some one else creates a PIR for DIFFERENT PORG/PLANT, the SAME INFORECORD NUMBER is taken up as was earlier assigned for Vendor and workflow doesn't get triggered in few cases ,As a result it's not updting value in ME03-vendor as added in a Z-method in ZBUS3003.

Appreciate if some one can help me in overcoming this peculair case.?



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  Is there any  other  CDPOS entries created other than that

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Thanks for replaying Modak and Anjan ,

  INFOTSATZ is Change doc. obje attached in SWEC with BUS3003, with event change, deleted and created .

and ZBUS3003 is business object type of supertype BUS3003 delegeted , with added event change , created  and deleted .

There is no relation in between INFOTSATZ  and bus3003 , i just explain to in order to explain my doubt .

Kindly suggest any solution for this .

i checked event trace n all , but workflow dosn't get triggered , no  event atall .

same problem was also arised earlier but it went unanswered , .

KIndly help . i'm stuck there .

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What is your SWEC config between INFOTSATZ and ZBUS3003 - change and created events? Are there any conditions maintained there?

BUS3003 is for the InfoRecord - now when you create the record with a new Vendor/Material, it creates one InfoRecord. Changing the PORG/PLANT for the same Vendor/Material, will not create a new info record (as per the link given by you) .... so, essentially, we need to see if there is any change happening to the Info Record, any Change document being written when you do it. So that the same can be picked up to trigger an event from SWEC.

Alternatively, if you have any BADI or Enhancement in the Transaction, you can trigger an event yourself if no change document is being written. Use FM SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT or SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT_EXTENDED with COMMIT_WORK = ' '