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Problem with MAM30_050

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maybe anyone can help me to get this error message solved. It occurs after server driven replication of syncbo MAM30_050 when changing a partner. All necessary customer data is filled.

100 92081

1 1 I 04.09.2007 20:31:36 Z_MEREP_GEN_T51_____MAM30_050 has started for run number 0000092081 and runtime counter 1

2 1 E 04.09.2007 20:31:36 Return code from RFC BAPI Wrapper call:Please enter a address number

3 1 I 04.09.2007 20:31:36 Z_MEREP_GEN_T51_____MAM30_050 has finished for run number 0000092081 and runtime counter 1

Thank you for your help!


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Answers (3)

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Completely rereplicated all databases and it worked.

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As Subhakant told, you can get the error partner key from merep_deltabo table.

Go to merep_detlaBO

SyncBO = MAM30_050

status = E

If there are more than 1 error entries, you need to do some trial and error to catch the culprit. More likely it will be with the one with the lowest R/3 key.

Execute GetDetail bapi wrapper at the backend to confirm the error..


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Hi Florian,

Can you tell me in which module error is occuring in B/e IN "GETLIST" or "Getdetail"?

To check this, we need to have a partner key. You can get the partner key from MEREP_DELTBO. Otherwise, build a partner key like this...

If the partner is customer and partner number is 230.. then the key will be KU000000000230 -> 1st two characters for customer(KU), next 12 chars are partner number.

In Getlist

1. Execute MAM30_050_GETLIST. Keep the partner key in 1st row of "Partner List (in partner key field)" table parameter. Press F8.

In Getdetail.

1. Simply keep partner key in the import parameter.

Since you said error occures when you changed partner in B/E, it should be easy to find partner number ...

Best Regards,