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Problem with hierarchy node variable

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I 'm using a hierarchy node variable in the query. This variable refers to a hierarchy which has been defined in the definition of the query. BUT All Hierarchy nodes are not displayed in value help of variable screen.

Can anyone help me out with this...



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Answers (3)

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Dear advait Rao ..

My sap user has full authorize (0BI_ALL)

Dear Choudhary S

In Business Expolrer TAB , It 's taking Query Def.Filter Value Selection = M (Value in Master Data table) and Query Execution Filter Val. Selectn = M (Value in Master Data table) too.


After I run program RRINCLTAB_REBUILD (Follow on SAP Note 922467) , Hierarchy that has characteristic node can display in value help of variable screen BUT Hierarchy that has only text node are not displayed in value help of variable screen

Anybody know,how to set the hierarchy for display all node (include text node that don't have characteristic node as a leave node)

Thank you very much

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Check the Infoobject (using for hierarchy) settings (Under Business Explorere tab).

Check from where it is taking the filter value slections (Master data or Info provider).

It can be due to non availabilty of data in infoprovider and settings done for the same.

I hope it helps.



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Did you check if there are analysis authorizations involved in this scenario?

I mean did you confirm if there are any Hierarchy node related authorizations involved for your id or role that you are assigned to?