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Problem with Filter operator

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Hi all,

I'd like to know if is it possible to specify a formula into the filter operator?

I mean: from the output of the data service I defined a filter before to show all the rows into a table. And I'd like to filter all the data through a variable called "Channel". To filter these data I'd like to have a dynamic filter with the following formula as example IF(STORE@Channel=='B2B', "B2B", "B2C") where STORE@Channel is a variable that I stored previously.

Usually I see that, in a filter operator, there are predefined conditions like Equal "Text" or Starts with "Text" but I'm not able to specify a complex formula. Do you know if is it possible?

Regards, Roberto

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Hello Roberto,

In order to specify the formula in the Filter Operator, I did the following:

I inserted the is equal to in the Condition Part and in the Expression Part, I inserted some formula:


I tested this and it works as expected

Best Regards,