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Problem with File Sender

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Hi All,

I'm using the sync-async bridge for the following scenario.

An HTTP request(sync) is made to XI and the message is passed to the first receive step of a BPM. The BPM will send the message asynchronously to a business system which has a file adapter and creates a file. Another file adapter polls for this file (Delete Mode), and as soon as the file is created, reads it and sends a message to the Second receive step of the BPM asynchronously. Then the Second Send step will synchronoulsy send this message back and closes the SA-Bridge.

The problem is in the Second receive step. Instead of sending an asynchronous message after reading the file, the message sent is shown synchronous. The interface used is also asynchronous. Also the file adapter is not deleting the file after picking it up. It continuosly reads the same file and sends many messages.

Does someone have any idea, why this problem occurs. Note that I'm not using an integration scenario. I have created 3 receiver determinations.

1. Fromm HTTP to BPM

2. From BPM to File System

3. From File System to BPM (This step gives the problem)

Can someone help me out?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check if ur response msg is correlated to request message, or else XI will not be able to map the response to request structure

if in doubt chk this blog


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