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Problem with counters of sapscript

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hii frnds

i need to print some data in the last page of my script . the data should be only in the main window . the problem is in main window we cant use counters of script like nextpage , page , formpages cauze these r not gvng true values .this gives true values in variable window . so can any body suggest how to do it . are there any other counters which gives last page no of the script inside the main window .

thanking you

rohit gupta

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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can you try the below one.

In the main window are you print any internal table values or any variable value which prints in the last page also you will now that it is a last page. meaning for example if you are printing the internal table then get the no of records (10) in the internal table definetly the last record will be printed in the last page so take such conditions and keep on the below one

if lv_lines ne 10.



page1 = &SAPSCRIPT-COUNTER_1(+)&.


if page1 is not initial.

write your logic.




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hii lasmi

thankx a lot for your answer i had to modify ur logic but its realy working



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