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Problem with cluster node in J2EE

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Hi All,

I am using SAP-J2EE 701.

I have deployed file through sdm, it automatically restarted cluster node.

but unable to start the cluster node,

provides developer trace

"JHVM_BuildArgumentList: main method arguments of node [server0]


[Thr 5024] Thu Jul 10 08:57:15 2008

[Thr 5024] JHVM_RegisterNatives: registering methods in

[Thr 5024] Thu Jul 10 08:57:16 2008

[Thr 5024] JHVM_RegisterNatives: registering methods in

[Thr 5024] JLaunchISetClusterId: set cluster id 15177250

[Thr 5024] JLaunchISetState: change state from [Initial (0)] to [Waiting for start (1)]

[Thr 5024] JLaunchISetState: change state from [Waiting for start (1)] to [Starting (2)]

[Thr 4592] Thu Jul 10 08:58:20 2008

[Thr 4592] JLaunchIExitJava: exit hook is called (rc = -11113)

[Thr 4592] **********************************************************************

      • ERROR => The Java VM terminated with a non-zero exit code.

      • Please see SAP Note 943602 , section 'J2EE Engine exit codes'

      • for additional information and trouble shooting.


[Thr 4592] JLaunchCloseProgram: good bye (exitcode = -11113)


as SAP Note redirect to some other at last asks for SCSCLIENTEP.SAR

I have search SCSCLIENTEP.SAR at, at downloads -> support packs and patches but unable to find this SAR file

please help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you are using windows system. Try to shutdown the machine and then restart. And update what happened.

Also put some more logs i.e. dev_jcontrol & dev_dispatcher

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello devender,

To get more details about the problem, please post here the content of trace file std_server0.out.

Best regards,

Rafael Toshiaki

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Check if the cluster has been set to Safe Mode. Use the config tool. In the Menu bar you will get the option of Safe Mode. If it is Yes then turn it to No and restart the server.

Usually when the cluster is in safe mode the nodes are not started.



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