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Problem with callable object, Send email in background

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Dear Sirs,

I am experiencing some problems with the callable object, Send email in background with attachment.

The problem is that when I move from one action to an action where this type of callable object is defined I get the following "error" message.

"The next activity is not yet available: try again later using the "Refresh" button"

The person who should receive the email (the processor) receives it within 5 second, and I do not have to press "Refresh button" for the email to be sent. However I must press Refresh for the process to move on.

Does anyone have any information on how this can be avoided?

This on EP 7.0 on WAS 7.0 SP10

best regards,


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Hi Jorgen,

This behavior is completely normal. It can seem awkward but what you described is somehow logical.

Let's say you have three actions, the second one is the email notification. When completing the first action, the second action is triggered. As it is a background callable object, it is put into the queue and wait for processing. As the refresh of the screen is faster than the processing of the callable object, the next action (the third) is not yet active/ready to be processed.

When the email is sent (i.e. the background callable object executed), a callback takes place and the next activity is triggered. Then, the 3 action is active and can be shown.

Due to technical restriction of Web Dynpro, it is not possible to refresh the screen when the action is ready to be processed. The user has to refresh it explictly.

With SP12, the processing of the queue has been improved and it's much more faster than before. The "problem" you noticed shouldn't be there anymore.

Hope this helps.


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Hello David,

thank you for your answer. Good to hear that this most likely will be solved in SP12.

best regards,