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Problem with CALL "P_ARIMA" in HANA 2.0 PAL

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Hi all,

We have a sales map that generates sales estimations based on a HANA 1.0 and we need to upgrade it to version HANA 2.0.

During the upgrade process of our sales map, we are facing an error when training an ARIMA model via this call:


In HANA 2.0 SP2, we get the following error:

"SAP DBTech JDBC: [328]: invalid name of function or procedure: no procedure with name P_ARIMA found".

Part of map computation process is based on the ARIMA algorithm, explained SAP HANA Academy example "PAL 110 Time Series - Auto ARIMA Model".

Does anybody know how to convert this process to HANA 2.0?

Kind Regards


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In HANA system <= HANA 2.0 SPS01 wrapper PAL procedures had to be created with procedure SYS.AFLLANG_WRAPPER_PROCEDURE_CREATE. So the procedure P_ARIMA is a such a generated wrapper procedure. The question is if you have updated your HANA 1.0 system to a HANA 2.0 system or do you work on a new HANA 2.0 installation on which the generated wrapper procedure is not available. Please check this.

If you are you have to regenerate it - on HANA system <= 2.0 SPS01 -, you have to do that using the procedure "SYS".AFLLANG_WRAPPER_PROCEDURE_CREATE (check the documentation here). In HANA system >= 2.0 SPS02 you can use the available procedure _SYS_AFL.PAL_ARIMA (check the documetnation here). There is no need anymore on such systems to generate a wrapper procedure.