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Problem with brtools when sapdata and logs are on diff drv

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Dear SDN,

I have installed was 640 on Windows w/oracle 9.2. When I try to use brtools for instance management it is giving me an error saying that it cannot find the directory "sapbackup" I am guessing that is because when I did the install I chose to put the datafiles in a different location than the logfiles. I would have thought that sapinst would have set the proper env variables, but sapinst didnt set any of them. Any suggestions?


Jeremy Baker

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One question about this:

If Database Server and Central Instance are on Cluster Configuration and both run on a diferent nodes. How must be set the environment variables for define the directories SAPBACKUP, SAPCHECK, SAPREORG, SAPTRACE, etc?.

My Problem is:

When I put both Parts (Database and C.I) on the same node, I can to run BRBACKUP, BRACHIVE without problems, but when I move DB to node 2, BRBACKUP remains searching the drives moved to the other node.

Thanks in advance for your atention.


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Do you mean Microsoft clustering or MSCS?

Ideally all drives that hold the database should be a part of the Database group, and not the SAP group.

E.g. f:... part of SAP group



e: ... part of DB group


Whichever drive you are writing the backups to, should belong in your DB group, so that backups can run regardless of where your CI is running.

In the above example, if you chose f: for your backups, then you have a problem, in that you can only run backups when both groups are on the same node. It should be possible to change the sapbackup directory by updating ENV variables mentioned above, initSID files etc.

Regards .. Sanket

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I have R/3 running on MSCS and the actual configuration is:

--- Oracle Database with ORACLE Failsafe

--- SAP R/3 Enterprise

--- two Servers with MCSC

--- two cluster groups (or cluster resources) defined: SAP R/3 and ORACLE Database group.

--- SAP R/3 group only have one drive

E: usr\sap directory

--- DB group have three drives allocating:




High Availability it works fine (Switch cluster resources on each node it works very good with the observaton of that SAP<SID>_00 service on node 1 start with Local system account and node 2 start the SAPSERVICE with the SAPService<SID> user).

I mean that the problem is the environment variables but I don't know if each node must have defined different variables (or not defined).

I was trying to change the SAP<SID>_00 service to be started with the SAPService<SID> user but R/3 doesn't work. Maybe I need to make some changes on the windows register but I want to know your suggestions and opinion.

Best Regards and thanks.


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Please check the following information.

Environment variables define parameter values used by the Oracle database and BR*Tools.

The database uses the parameter values for many different purposes. BR*Tools also uses the parameter values.


The following variables are required:


System ID of the database instance

Example: C11

SAPSID or sapsid refers to the SAP System ID.

DBSID or dbsid refers to the name of the database instance (database instance system ID).

When a single instance is installed, SAPSID and DBSID are the same.


Home directory of the Oracle software. This variable no longer needs to be set. If not set, the SAP tools determine its value from the registry.

Standard: . The environment variables only have to be defined individually if directories are used that deviate from the default.

For example: SAPDATA1= F:dataprodsapdata1.

Other environment variables that you can set for BR*Tools:


Definition of the number of lines in list menus.

Recommended height: ³ 20 lines.

For more information, see Configuring the Scroll Line Count for BR*Tools.


Definition of the message language:

¡ E: English

¡ 😧 German


Setting the trace function for error analysis.


Hope that helps.