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Problem with alerts

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I have configured the alerts using below blog.


Errors are not getting into Alert inbox.

Kindly guide me.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Are you using subscription of alerts or fixed recipients (putting the required user id ) in ALRTCATDEF?

Please make sure that you have SAP_XI_J2EE_MONITOR and SAP_XI_ABAP_MONITOR role in the user profile.



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I am using Fixed recepients.

How to proceed

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Hi all,

Alert is not triggering when an error occurs.

I have done Alert configuration using below blog.


I used ALRTCATDEF T.code

Alert category : TEST_ALERT

Alert description : Alert Testing

Classification : ( I have given Blank)

Package : SALERT.

In Container I defined


Abap Dict Data type :SXMSMGUIDC


Abap Dict Data type :SXMSERRCAT


Abap Dict Data type :char70


Abap Dict Data type :SXI_TO_SERVICE

I have used Fixed Recepient and gave my user Name there.

After that i went to RWB

Alert configuration--->create new rule->

Connected to messages --Not relevent.

I have dfine remaining part in that blog.

But its not triggering.

I have the error with the same Mapping error.

When i test the alert using standard program RSALERTTEST its coming into the inbox ( Its Manual)

But why its not triggering when there is error.

Kindly any one check the steps and if there is any error in any of step.

End -End monitoring is not working in Server.

Its Urgent

Points will be awarded if its answered.


Jayasimha jAngam

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In alertInbox you are suppose to check the Mail option in Personalization tab.



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Hi Jayasimha,

Please make sure that you logged in into XI with the same user which you have specified in RECIPIENT and also make sure that you have set parameter "Expiry Time" to Zero in ALRTCATDEF. Try again doing these changes might help.

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hi jayasimha

go thru

XI: Alerts - Troubleshooting guide




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