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Problem with a variable - urgent

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hi Frnds,

In a newly created Bex Query , i created a variable , dragged it under the corresponding char , but when i am

executing the query , it is directly going into the results with showing that variable ,

when i again go into the query designer again i am not able to see the variable there .. under that char , but when i try to create a variable with a same name it says , the variable already exists,

I have checked it whether it is " READY FOR INPUT " and also for any personalization settings, both of them are ok

IS ther any other reason the variable will act like this ?????????

Thanks for any help ,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Are you saying that you set the variable to use personalization from another variable? This will cause the variable not to show up. Also, if using the web, the variable screen will not show up if there are not any mandatory variables. In the results go to change variable values and see if the variable shows up now and see if it has the personalization set for it.



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