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Problem with 2LIS_13_VDITM datasource with 2 r/3 client

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In the development system (SAP BI 7.0 SP 17) i have a connection to R3CLNT302.

My init didnt work because of a dump about mismatch about the logic systems.

R3CLNT100 <> R3CLNT302

So I decided to create a new connection for R3CLNT100, but it gave some errors (tables EDPP! and EDP13) in the activation.

then I deleted this connection but it deleted the parameters of the other connection 302.

A restablish these but now I can't activate the 302 client.

Created the 100 again and it activated and looked ok, but when I replicate the datasources, all but the 2LIS_13_VDITM appeared to me as 3.x. I want to use it as 3.x not 7.x. How can I get that datasource correctly??? Do I have to delete the other connection/client? I still have the old (from client 302) process chain, update rule and Infosource, should I delete it?

When I replicate the 100 client the only difference was with the 2LIS_13_VDITM, the rest of the datasources are 3.x.

Tahnk you all

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can switch between 3.x or 7.x datasource version with RSDS transaction, CtrlShiftF3 or F4. You don't need to delete anything you shoud be able to work with both of your clients.

When you reconnecting BW and R/3 both systems must be open - SCC4. Also check RFC connections in SM59.

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I found a SAP note about RSDS to put the datasource back to 3.x, thankx.

The problem was that the client doesn´t exist in R/3 now.

Someone tried to redirect the existing 302 BW connection to client 100 but I got a problem o mismatch on logsys, because the datasources still had the 302 reference and the client now is only 100.

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