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Problem with 2LIS_02_ITM extractor

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We are using the standard purchasing extractor 2LIS_02_ITM to load data into 0PUR_O01(Purchasing order items) ODS.

But the data is being filtered out in the update rules and not a single record is being added in the ODS. We are using the standard content(update rules) as it is, what is the reason for this, why is the data being filtered out in the update rules.

Please give your valuable inputs.

Thanks & regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The standard update rules use a lot of Abap Routines in order to filter the data...also use a Start Routine...check that and you can see that some records are deleted according to that logic....


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Praveen,

Please activate process keys for the Good Receipts & Invoices in ECC/ R3 system by using MCB0 transaction code.

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hi in general it is due to the use of process keys.

in fact if you look carefully at the extraction level in rsa3 in erp you can find sometimes several lines for one item. there is a so called encoding

in BW the standard update rules will do the "un" encoding depending on the process key.

hope this could help you



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Iy might be with the process keys, as mentioned above.

Check in SBIW what are the values mentioned and also check in RSA3.

plz do a search in forums "Process key", you will get lot of info...

Give me ur email id, i might look for a document.

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