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Problem while working with Standard KM Layoutset

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Hi All,

We are facing a typical problem with KM layout sets.

Few of the standard layout sets are not working

like NewsBrowser.

When we navigate into the folder of the iview it throughs error


The requested operation is forbidden for this resource.

We navigate to the layout set link under

System admin>Km adminstration>Content managment-->User Interface (here we get warning Invalid areas Settings)

--> Setting(here we get a warning Invalid topics layout set)

Please help us in this regards.


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Answers (2)

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Just delete the invalid Area settings and invalid Layout set.

There are few Layout Sets which are not valid and that's why you're facing this issue.

Removing this will resolve all the problems.



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Hi Sai,

Select Layoutsets and it should list the one in error. When you open that layoutset it should tell you what it does not like. Without this detail I cannot help you further.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the response.

when i click open the Layout set link it shows the following warning.

The following configuration objects have some invalid or problematic properties: "pccMimesSelector"

And we dont want to delete these layout set as we are using it across all the portals.

Please let me know any further information is required.


Sai Sharan

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Hello Sai,

I seriously doubt that the layout set is the reason you're getting a 403 Forbidden error, are you sure this pccMimesSelector layout set is the one being used by your iview? You can check this in the properties of the iview in the PCD.

It's more likely the error is in fact caused by some authorisation issues with the content you are trying to view? So where is this content stored? What type of repository? If it's a CM repository then what's the persistence mode? Does the issue happen for all users, even admin users? What permissions do you have defined for the affected users on these resources? If you browse to the resources that should be displayed in this iview from Content Admin > KM Content are you able to access them without issues? Do you have anonymous access enabled on your system?

It would be a good idea to have a look at the default trace file when you reproduce this issue to see if there is anything relevant traced.

It's not a good idea to go deleting layout sets, especially SAP delivered layout sets, as these could be used in various different locations and this would most likely lead to further inconsistencies.



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Hi Lorcan,

Thanks for the reply,

It should be authorization issue since from KM content we are able to see the screen and also if we us anyother Layout set say

portalfavourites it is working fine for us.

Authorization wise also not a problem

one more interestng thing is like it is working if the resource is an image,html

for an external link it shows

403 error.

Yaa even we felt it is not good to delete the standard content.

One more observation not sure if it is true but our portal is CE7.3 and the resource renderer is using a java class

is this problematic place