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Problem when using 'startsap'

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I have a problem when attempting to use 'startsap'. I know that it was working after the install process finished. I was able to login and see the webpage at port '50000'. But since that time I have rebooted the computer and I have not been able to restart it.

I am working through the problems but I have come across one that I can't find and answer for.

When I use 'starts' I get the following error.

Starting SAP Instance JC00


Startup-Log is written to /home/mpinhorn/startsap_JC00.log

Startup of Instance failed

See /home/mpinhorn/startsap_JC00.log for details

Then in the 'startsap_JC00.log' file I get the following.

Trace of system startup/check of SAP System J2E on Wed Oct 12 14:42:07 NDT 2005

Called command: ./startsap

Starting SAP Instance JC00


SAP-R/3-Startup Program Rel 640 V1.8 (2003/04/24)


Starting at 2005/10/12 14:42:08

Startup Profile: "/usr/sap/J2E/SYS/profile/START_JC00_skinner"

(3235) SETENV LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/sap/J2E/JC00/j2ee/os_libs:/usr/sap/J2E/JC00/j


Setup Environment Variables


(3235) SETENV SHLIB_PATH=/usr/sap/J2E/JC00/j2ee/os_libs:

(3235) SETENV LIBPATH=/usr/sap/J2E/JC00/j2ee/os_libs:

Execute Pre-Startup Commands


(3235) Local: rm -f jc.sapJ2E_JC00

(3235) Local: ln -s -f /usr/sap/J2E/JC00/j2ee/os_libs/jcontrol jc.sapJ2E_JC00

Starting Programs


(3240) Starting: local jc.sapJ2E_JC00 pf=/usr/sap/J2E/SYS/profile/J2E_JC00_skinn


(3235) Waiting for Child Processes to terminate.

(3235) **** 2005/10/12 14:42:18 Child 3240 terminated with Status 66 . ****

(3235) **** No more Child Processes to wait for.

(3235) Parent Shutdown at 2005/10/12 14:42:18

Execute Post-Shutdown Commands


(3235) Exiting with Return-Code 3. (No more child processes)

Can somebody help me ?



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Answers (1)

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Hello Matthew,

Check the logs in /usr/sap/J2E/JC00/work directory, especially those updated at the last startup. There should be a more detailed error message about the problem.

You may have a look at note 764417, which gives information for troubleshooting some of the most common problems with J2EE Engine.

Kind Regards