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Problem when extending DataSources with classification system

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Hello guys,

I’m having problems when filling the master data of the InfoObject 0EQUIPMENT.

I made my first extension to a standard Master Data DataSource using the classification system. The DataSource extended was the 0EQUIPMENT_ATTR and extend is named 1CL_OEQU001.

My main problem is with dates. In BW I have the InfoObject 0EQUIPMENT with time dependent attributes. When I run the standard DataSource everything works fine because this one has the Dateto and Datefrom fields.

The new DataSource 1CL_OEQU001 in R3 has also the Dateto and Datefrom fields, but both of them aren’t transferred to BW. This causes my problems because I need them to relate the new data with the data previously loaded from 0EQUIPMENT_ATTR.

Do you know where the DataSource 1CL_OEQU001 is placed in the DataSource tree in R3 and how can I transfer their date fields to BW???

I can’t find the 1CL_OEQU001 DataSource when I use the RSA6 transaction.

Another question. Can I put the new DataSource under the Standard InfoSource of 0EQUIPMENT. I’m asking this because although the the fields to update are different, the data loaded from the second package erases the data loaded from the first package.

Do you know how I can deal with this?

Best regards,

João Arvanas

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I managed to solve the second question on my own.

I created another InfoSource and another Update rule to the InfoObject with flexible updating. It doesn’t erase the old data anymore.

Although I still have problems with the time characteristics.

Thank you,

Best regards