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Problem Using multiple XML HTTP(s) Web Services

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    I'm trying to change an existing report to use SharePoint Lists.  I have gotten past the first set of hurdles and can pull the XML.  I can verify this in a browser.

    What I'm having problems with is Crystal Reports handling of multiple web service tables.  It seems to create and set the HTTP Parameters (and report Parameters) in the first XML Web Service setup.  But when I go to add additional xml web services (I need 3 SharePoint Lists pulled) it uses the same Parameter Names and seems to get confused over their values

    When I run the report, it pulls data from the Oracle server, as expect, and pulls data from the "first" XML Web Service.  The subsequent 2 XML Web Services are never run (blank datasets / browse data..).

    As I'm having to guess; I think it's running the first Web Service data pull fine, but fails to properly handle the HTTP Parameters on the following web service calls..

    Googling, I only found one reference to an issue resembling this, and it related to Crystal Reports XI and recommended SP upgrades..  ..never answered..

    Any help would be appreciated, as I'm feeling stumped..  Seems like a simple enough Scenario; one report, multiple XML Web Services to the same address (owssvr.dll) with different HTTP Parameters (&List={GUID}). 

    How can I make this work?

Thank you in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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    No suggestions? 

    I forgot to include my version, etc..  Crystal Reports Designer 2008 SP5.

    Is there something else I can add to make my issue clear?

Thank you,


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Reporting off multiple XML Web Service files should not be a problem. Can you test the following:


1. Create a report with the first XML file as datasource

2. Go to Database>> Log On or Off Server >> choose your connection from 'My Connection'>>and Log Off

3.Go to Database>>Database expert>>expand Create New connection>> specify the http URL of the second XML file.

4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 to choose third datasource in step 4

5. In the Database>>Database expert>> Links tab-check if there is any linking and choose to delete all links >> Run(refresh) the report


1. Create a main report >> insert 3 sub reports each pointing to a separate http URL of the respective XML files >> Run(refresh) the report



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