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Problem to debug a J2EE Application

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I want debug a J2EE Application. If I start the debug-modus I get the failure bellow.

<b>could not find executable for file extension = htm</b>

Can anybody help me?

I use the NDW with SP12.

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Answers (2)

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I have another small problem to debug my J2EE Application.

If my application is in Debug-Mode I thought it would be opened a new internet-explorer window in which it starts my J2EE application. But it didn´t do that. And if I want to start the application in a seperate internet-explorer window on the debug port, it didn´t find the application on this port.

What should I have to do? Can anybody help me?

Kind regards


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Hello Axel,

Approach which can be used for every java application running on J2EE WAS.

Open "J2EE Engine" view. Check whether you engine is running in debug mode. Check what is debug port for server(click on server - right pane).

Set breakpoint where neccessary in your code.

Go to debug. Add new "Remote java application". Specify host and port (checked before). Specify your project. Debug.

Best regards, Maksim Rashchynski.